Workwear supply and managed hire service

Our workwear supply and managed hire service is a popular choice with Ravenhead customers. This service takes care of all your workwear needs and ensures your staff are always smart and presentable.

You choose from our large range of workwear garments, whether you are looking for chef whites or industrial overalls, you’ll find Ravenhead has what you need from our large range of stockists. These items are retained for your use and discretely identified with your company logo.

Workwear can be altered if necessary to make sure they fit staff properly or bespoke alterations made if you require, including embroidery of emblems, logos and company names. All our garments are processed using the latest processing technology, ensuring a fast, efficient service.

We will then manage the collection, professional launder and delivery of your workwear as and when required to meet your needs. We will even make minor repairs to garments as necessary, providing you with a hassle free service. Your staff will always have professional cleaned workwear on hand to present your business in the best possible way.

Call us now to find out how our managed hire workwear service can save your business time and money on 0800 413714.

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